What We Believe


…that we are called into fellowship with the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who through Word and Sacrament comes to us, forgiving our sins, giving us new life, and leading us to love and care for each other in the Church, as this God sends us out into the world to bear witness to the wonderful news that Jesus Christ, who has died for our sins, is now alive from the dead and brings us to the Father.

…that this God speaks to us through the word of law and gospel, comforted with the assurance that through Christ our sins are forgiven and that by the Holy Spirit we are strengthened in faith, hope, and love.

…that through Christ we have been made members of His body, the Church, in whom we are all knit together with our many and diverse gifts and callings. Through this Church, both in its local and universal expressions, the Spirit encourages and strengthens us in faith in Jesus Christ by both the proclamation of the gospel and the mutual encouragement of our brothers and sisters.

…that this God, who is reconciled to us through Jesus Christ, now calls us to be reconciled to God and to be one with our brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere, as through mission and shared ecumenical endeavor we reach out to all who share with us a common confession of Christ.

…that the same God, who has loved the world so much that he sent us his Son, now calls upon us to share his love for the world through outreach to our neighbors, through service to our community, and through generous support of works of mercy both locally and around the world.